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Over 14 years ago, I used to wake every morning with a panic attack. I was on antidepressants, but still the panic was around. My therapist suggested meditation and it was then that I discovered Centering Prayer. I went to a introductory workshop, started a daily practice, and found a group where I could participate. Then, shorty after, Father Thomas came to Austin and I was privileged to hear him for the first time in person. As we waited in the sanctuary and chatted, suddenly the room fell quiet and a tall, robbed man walked with long, determined strides down the aisle to front. The air had become charged with an amazing energy and Father Thomas spoke.

Since then, I was fortunate to be with Father Thomas a few more times, including on retreat at St. Benedict's. My life has also turned around. I still meet with that original Centering Prayer group, but I also started a group at my own church. I've been on numerous retreats, I'm commissioned to lead Centering Prayer introductory workshops, I've been the chapter coordinator for Heart of Texas Contemplative Outreach, I teach kids Centering Prayer at vacation church camp, and I participate in a prison ministry that teaches an Emotions Anonymous 12-Step program with Centering Prayer as the 11th step.

And I am just one tiny ripple in the amazing ripple effect in the world that Father Thomas began. God bless you, Thomas, and may we all continue making those ripples.

Austin, TX