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All glory and honour to God the Father and Jesus Christ through the holy Spirit. Father Keating was a non dual guiding light among Christian leaders and unique among Catholic preists. His wisdom and insite into the path to union with God revealed that he was so fully surrendered to God himself that I beleive it was probably God teaching us many times and Fr Keating was just a tool or vehicle.

Along the wide and easy road to destruction that many are on, there is a narrow little side path that was offered by Fr Keating. And those who choose this little path can be lead by him all the way to the kingdom of heaven. As you go make sure to put your faith in Jesus and spend quality time in the Bible.

“Behold! The kingdom of heaven is within you.” “You must deny yourself, carry your cross, and follow me.” Teachings like this make it obvious that Jesus Christ was the first, the founder, of the non dual path to Union with God for all Christian’s. Fr Keating was just “doing” what the Lord suggested and “teaching” from his own experience and in his own words.

I know that Thomas is now at the foot of the Lord and experiencing the love and joy of full union with God from now to eternity. .