Centering Prayer Presenter +

One way to share the fruits of your own prayer life and to support Contemplative Outreach’s vision is to become a commissioned presenter of the method of Centering Prayer.  

Frequently Asked Questions On Becoming a Presenter of Centering Prayer

What are the suggested guidelines for learning to become a presenter?

  1. Participation in a Contemplative Outreach sponsored Centering Prayer Introductory Program.
  2. Faithful to a daily practice of Centering Prayer for at least three years.
  3. Whenever possible, recommended by chapter Coordinator/Contact Person or someone from Contemplative Outreach.
  4. Attendance at a 5-to-10-day Intensive Retreat or willingness to attend during the Presenter-in-Training period.
  5. Knowledge of Open Mind Open Heart by Thomas Keating, and familiarity with Invitation to Love, Intimacy with God and the “Spiritual Journey” series.

Where and with whom will I do my formation?

Anyone who is a commissioned presenter may provide the formation either one-on-one, in a small group or remotely.  If you have met the guidelines and would like to become a presenter, first contact a chapter coordinator to ask about formation (providing formation by the chapter may be based on whether presenters are needed). A list of chapters and contact people is on the website page under Community.

What if I want to become a presenter and I am not part of a chapter?

First, look on the Contemplative Outreach website page under Community and click on the map where you are located. It will give you a list of chapter coordinators and contact people you may contact to see if they are providing a formation that you might attend. Or, one of them might be willing to provide you with formation if you can find a way to get together. If that does not work, you can contact the current Presenter Formation Service team leader, Jeff Renner,, who might be able to find someone to do a remote formation with you using digital resources.

How much does the formation to become a presenter cost?

The provider of the formation will determine the cost, based on materials needed, possible stipends for the person/persons involved and other considerations.

What if I am not ready to become a presenter? May I still share the prayer?

Yes, we encourage you to share your own personal experience of the practice of Centering Prayer with other people. Give them a Centering Prayer brochure, go through the four guidelines and support them if they would like to start the practice. This can be an effective way of giving others the benefit of Centering Prayer.


Becoming a Presenter of Centering Prayer as an 11th-Step Practice +

To become a presenter of Centering Prayer as an 11th-Step Practice 

* 5 years of sobriety/abstinence
* Current, active participation in a 12-step program
* 3-5 years of daily practice of Centering Prayer
* Previously trained as a Centering Prayer commissioned presenter 
* Willing to be mentored by a qualified facilitator of Centering Prayer as an 11th-step practice
* Attendance at a 6-10 day Intensive retreat

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