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Voices 30: Barbara Cook, Texas
Voices 31: Julie Despradel, Dominican Republic
Voices 32: Bill McGiveney, Kentucky
Voices 33: Lindsey Geyer, South Africa
Voices 34: Steven Lambert, AK, My Experience As An Army Chaplain: Seeing Oneness Through the Grace of Centering Prayer
Voices 46: Rick Kramer-Howe, Arizona
Voices 47: Mary Kay Hansen, Colorado
Voices 48: Susy Robinson, Pennsylvania
Voices 60: Hillary Tyghe, South Africa, Centering Prayer, the Prayer of Consent
Voices 61: Joy Blythe, Texas, Centering Prayer and the Transformation of Suffering
Voices 62: Rev. David Loar, OH, Centering Prayer and Peace in the World as It Is
Voices 63: Vivian Aguayo, DR, Seeing God is in Everything
Voices 64: Ruth Hofmann, PA, Centering Prayer and the Healing of the False Self
Voices 65: Ray Jacobsen, Minnesota, The Divine Therapy
Voices 66: Beatrice, Doblado, California A Transformed Relationship with God, with Life
Voices 67: Anna Vu Wallace, Texas The Gifts of Centering Prayer: Healing the Past, Living in the Present
Voices 59: Rose Meyler, Colorado, Learning to Understand the Human Condition
Voices 58: Fr. Basil Pennington, Every Person is the Image of God
Voices 57: Joan Marosits, New Jersey, Centering Prayer and Learning to Let Go
Voices 49: Fr. Gilberto Walker, Cuba
Voices 50: Beatrice Doblado, California
Voices 51: Theresa Jensen, Kentucky
Voices 52: Ed Bednar, Massachusetts
Voices 53: Merle Parker, Arizona, Centering Prayer and a Gift of Prayer
Voices 54: Fr. William Meninger and Fr. Thomas Keating, Colorado, Centering Prayer and the Renewal of Christian Contemplative Prayer