Videos Archives

Most of these videos are short excerpts of one to three minutes long featuring Fr. Thomas Keating or a Centering Prayer practitioner. You may also find free, full-length videos on our YouTube channel, including the Spiritual Journey series and more. Be sure to look under Playlists to view all videos available in a series.

Voices 75: Jill Frank, Texas, The Effects of Centering Prayer Moving Out into Life
Voices 65: Ray Jacobsen, Minnesota, The Divine Therapy
Voices 66: Beatrice, Doblado, California A Transformed Relationship with God, with Life
Voices 67: Anna Vu Wallace, Texas The Gifts of Centering Prayer: Healing the Past, Living in the Present
Voices 68: Jim Weidemaier, Arkansas Centering Prayer: Feeling God’s Love Deep in Heart and Soul
Voices 69: Diane Boruff, Minnesota Centering Prayer as Medicine and Comfort
Voices 70: Lindsey Geyer, Pretoria, South Africa, Centering Prayer and the Awareness of the Love of God
Voices 71: Joanne Warner, CO, Centering Prayer and the Evolving of Christ Consciousness
Voices 72: Peter Traban Haas, TX, Centering Prayer and Self-Acceptance
Voices 73: Andrea Kneier, OH, Centering Prayer and Connecting the Awareness of God into the Body
Voices 74: Cathy McCarthy, New York, Centering Prayer and Trusting in God
Voices 87: Judy Sharer, Kentucky, Humility: A Gift Emerging from Centering Prayer
Concepts are not Reality
Voices 5: Susanne Vorster, New York
Voices 6: Pamela Begeman, Texas
Voices 7: Alan Prater, LA, Centering Prayer and Knowing the Love of God, the Love of All
Voices 8: LeAnn Billups, Texas
Voices 9: Charles Owen Butler, Minnesota
Voices 10: Gail Giacomazzi, Washington
Voices 11: Lou Bachrodt, Florida
Voices 12: Sr. Virginia Matter, MN, Centering Prayer: Every Day, Year After Year
Voices 13: Eric DeJernett, Texas
Voices 14: Pilar Martin, Ohio
Voices 4: Helen Vocales, Il, Centering Prayer and Developing A Center of Peace
Voices 3: Abbot Joseph Boyle, St. Benedict’s Monastery