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We embrace the process of transformation in Christ, both in ourselves and in others, through the practice of Centering Prayer.

Nieves Periche, DR, Centering Prayer: Gifting Me with Transformation into Peace

Voices of Grace and Gratitude

Voices of Grace & Gratitude are joyful expressions of grace and gratitude from the worldwide community of Contemplative Outreach for the gift of Centering Prayer in their lives and its meaning for all creation. A new video will be presented every Monday. May they serve to lift your hearts.

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English Transcript: 

Centering Prayer has transformed me. My kids say it; my life partner says it. We have been married now for 50 years and he says I am another person. I was a very demanding person with myself and with others. I was always looking for perfection. But after I had been practicing Centering Prayer I am a more calm and peaceful person. I try to create peace around me. I try to accept things as they are and I accept myself as I am. Only God could have made that change. So I am so grateful to him. The experience of God in my life has been so transforming, to know how immense God’s love is for me and how he loves me just as I am. It is something so beautiful that it has taken me to accept others as they are, to love them the way they are and to accept myself as I am. Jesus is the overflow of the love of God and Centering Prayer has brought all this into my life.


Spanish Transcript: 

La Oración Centrante: me regala el transformarme en paz

La Oración Centrante me ha transformado. Mis hijos lo dicen, mi pareja lo dice. Hemos estado casados por 50 años y dice que soy otra persona. Era alguien muy exigente, conmigo misma y con los demás. Siempre buscaba la perfección. Pero después de haber practicado la Oración Centrante soy una persona  más calmada y pacífica. Trato de crear paz a mi alrededor. Trato de aceptar las cosas tal como son y me acepto como soy. Solo Dios puede haber obrado ese cambio. Así que le estoy muy agradecida. Experimentar a Dios en mi vida ha sido muy transformador - conocer qué inmenso es su amor por mi y saber que me ama tal como soy.  Es algo tan bello que me ha llevado también a aceptar a otros tal como son, a amarlos como son y a aceptarme a mi misma como soy. Jesús derrama el amor de Dios, y la Oración Centrante ha traído todo esto a mi vida.

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