Voices 81: Tara Steckler, CO, Centering Prayer and Another Outlook on Life

Voices of Grace and Gratitude

Voices of Grace & Gratitude are joyful expressions of grace and gratitude from the worldwide community of Contemplative Outreach for the gift of Centering Prayer in their lives and its meaning for all creation. A new video will be presented every Monday. May they serve to lift your hearts.

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English Transcript: 

Everybody should come to Contemplative Outreach and take Thomas Keating’s classes because the man is a genius. Thomas Keating’s teaching on the ego and the human condition, I think, totally changed my life. It made me aware that my thoughts are 80-90% illusion. They’re fed by my ego and a lot of them come from the false self and so, because of all of this, if somebody’s not very nice, I’m able to look at that situation and go, “Well, it may have had nothing to do with me.”  And that gives me a greater outlook on life and the people that I’m around. And I know that everyone has the human condition and ego going, and so, it’s just helped me be thankful for everyone and every situation in my life.


Spanish Transcript: 

La Oración Centrante y otra perspectiva de la vida

Todos deberían acercarse a Contemplative Outreach y tomar clases con Thomas Keating porque ese hombre es un genio. Las enseñanzas de Thomas Keating acerca del ego y la condición humana, creo, cambiaron totalmente mi vida. Me hicieron consciente de que el ochenta o noventa por ciento de mis pensamientos son ilusorios.  
Se nutren de mi ego y surgen de mi falso yo y por lo tanto, gracias a que me doy cuenta, puedo observar la situación y decir “bueno, quizás esto no tenga nada que ver conmigo.” Y eso me brinda una perspectiva más amplia de la vida y de las personas que me rodean. Y sé que todos compartimos la condición humana y en todos funciona el ego, y eso me ha permitido sentirme agradecida por todas las personas y todas las situaciones en mi vida.

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